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Details, details The only difference between a Private flight and a Standard flight is the number of individuals in the balloon. Our Standard flight balloons convey between 8 and 16 passengers depending on the weights of those flying, the weather conditions, and the balloon chosen. These flights are termed Semi-Private by many in the industry. Our baskets accommodate these passengers with the same amount of room, same level of comfort, and same spectacular views which are offered by Private flights. Additionally, the cost of a two person excursion is often cost prohibitive.

As such, we encourage all who ask about Private flights to consider the savings and enjoyment offered by our Standard flights. Now, the difference between Semi-Private and Standard flights Balloon baskets are partitioned to give them added structure. There is no added room or comfort in a basket that is being used in a Semi-Private manner. What is happening is that a balloon and basket have been chosen of a size that allows the pilot to place passengers with only "their" group rather than asking them to stand in a compartment with someone of another group.

In a Semi-Private flight you may be placed in a small basket with many partitions. In a Standard flight basket, there may be fewer partitions that allow larger spaces. Everyone remains, however, standing right next to each other in a basket that is of a correct size for the number of passengers So, we don't differentiate, at all, ever, between a Standard and Semi-Private balloon flight. What if I do not show up for my flight?

Note, Groupon certificates have different guidelines, please refer to your certificates for more information. Can I get a refund? But, no matter how sad the story, no refunds We also cannot combine certificates; each flight certificate stands on it's own unlike wolves, which travel in packs, I would watch out for them too.


Finally as long as I am throwing out cautions , since our certificates are fully transferable, you need to treat them like cash. Whoever holds the certificates can take flight, and if nobody is holding the certificates big sigh nobody takes flight. So, what I am saying is, the bear was only trying to intimidate you to get you to loosen your grip on the certificates stinkin' tricky bears. Way to go! You win!

Q:How do I know if my flight will go as scheduled? A: We continually monitor weather conditions, and the decision on viability is made two hours prior to the scheduled flight. Indeed, check out the second FAQ under Why? Two hours before flight time, you can call our flight information line to hear about the flight status. However, even with the most advanced meteorological equipment, forecasts can be inaccurate. Rarely, a flight is delayed or canceled in the field, and all flight times and flight lengths can be affected by changing wind or weather conditions.

Our pilots are highly experienced, and we will work diligently to ensure the most enjoyable flight possible.

Again, any change after the status is issued on the flight information line is quite unusual. Once you hear that the flight is going as scheduled, you can fully expect a sensational experience to be awaiting your arrival. As I write this, I have availability today. That said, we normally tell our customers to expect two weeks. Some days and times are available much, much earlier, and you can often find availability within a day or two. On occasion, you will need a bit more lead time esp.

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If you are anxious to schedule and would like to fly as soon as possible, take a peek at your weekdays, especially mornings - we often can get you on the schedule quite quickly. This is often not the case with smaller companies who cut their prices drastically, sell a ton of rides, and then do not have the balloons or pilots to support all of their customers.

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This becomes a great problem when you are in need of rescheduling or are fearful of your certificate expiring. Please hear me clearly, not all small companies operate in this fashion - enough do, however, to give balloon businesses a bad name. We are careful to never treat our customers in this manner. Can I go? Okay, YES; you can go.

But, no matter how beautiful and how enchanting, Fall is extremely difficult. Not only does the whole world want to fly, and not only are we under our normal flight restrictions, but Fall in Minnesota normally sees an increase in wind speeds and precipitation. We love flying in the Fall, and we would love to help you schedule a flight. If the weather is good, the views will be fabulous.

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Try a winter flight, or wait on lush summer views. Q: I have a fetish for snow globes A: Cool. We kind of have a thing for them too - only, we like to think big Imagine soaring over crystalline landscaping, the ground and roadways blanketed in white, every tree and chimney sparkling under the sun's early rays.

If you're perpetually blessed, snow may still be silently falling about the balloon. Leaves are no more, so you will be able to see the wildlife darting through the sparse forest. Snuggling will be on the increase, and, with the snow absorbing ambient noise, peace reigns.

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Winter flights are amazing We think, "Yes! Licensed Balloons Jumbo Licensed.

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